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Organisational Setup


The State of Goa attained the status of Union territory soon after Liberation from portuguese Rules in terms of the Constitution (Twelfth Amendment) Act,1961. Later on,the president of India promulagated an Ordinance to provide for administration of Union territories of Goa,Daman Diu and continuance of Portuguese Laws as in force immediately prior to their liberation.The said ordinance was replaced by Parliamentary enactment namely-the Goa,Daman Diu Administration Act,1962. Evidently,all the portuguese Laws including Portuguese legislation governing prisons in the Union territory were continued till they were replaced by the appropriate corresponding Legislation.The Goa,Daman Diu Removal of Difficulties Order,1962 was issued for equating certain authorities of erstwhile regime to certain new authorities under new set up in order to carry out functions under erstwhile Portuguese Laws during the transition period.


On 6th Feb,1962 pdf The Prisons Act,1894 was brought into force.Similarly on 2nd Feb,1964, pdf  The Transfer of Prisoners Act,1950 pdf  The Identification of Prisoner Act,1920 pdf  The Prisoners Act,1900, and The Prisoners Attendance in Courts Act,1920 were  brought into force.Based on the said Acts, various set of Rules were compiled and made applicable way back in the late sixties to govern the jails of Goa, Daman Diu.



Soon after the liberation the Jail Department was looked after by the Law Department, headed by Law Secretary as Ex-Officio I. G. Prisons. In the year 1975 the Jail has been transferred to Collectorate of North Goa and the Collector of North was appointed as ex-officio I. G. Prisons.