Major Achivements

1. The Government undertook construction of New Modern Central Jail, Colvale wherein, Phase-I of the said Jail is completed and inaugurated on 30/05/2015. Total inmates and the establishment of Central Jail, Aguada has been shifted to the New Modern Central Jail, Colvale on 04/07/2015. Similarly, 72 under trial prisoners from Sub Jail, Sada, Vasco and 42 under trial prisoners from Judicial Lock-up, Mapusa has been shifted to Central Jail, Colvale on 10/10/2015.

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2. The Hospital Block of said Jail has been made operational with the arrangement of 15 beds. So also, a Dental Clinic has been set up in the said block.

3. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Study Centre is inaugurated at Central Jail, Colvale on 18/11/2015. It provides correspondence education to the inmates. The various study courses provided to the inmates under IGNOU are absolutely free of cost. Till date, total 35 inmates have enrolled their names for different courses that are offered by IGNOU.

4. On the behest of the Government, a team from Himalaya Drug Company had visited the Central Jail, Colvale and Sub Jail, Sada, Vasco on 28/10/2015 and has located the places for cultivation. After thorough inspection of the geographical conditions of the Jail premises, the team has suggested mainly to plant Neem trees and other medicinal plants. The Government has signed “Farming Agreement” with Himalaya Drug Company on 18/11/2015. This Company will cultivate medicinal plants etc. The main aim of this Project is to provide employment to the Prison inmates. As per the agreement, the Company will provide seeds for cultivation and shall monitor the growth and after the produce, the company will purchase raw-product from the Jails and this will act as a medium to generate revenue. So also the crops such as Alfa Alfa & Tulsi cultivated in an area of around 2000 sq. mtrs area in garden section of Sub Jail Sada Vasco has been harvested successfully on 18th January 2015.

5. On the behest of the Government, four member team from Academy of Prisons & Correctional Administration (APCA), Vellore visited Jails in Goa to carry out technical evaluation of the Jail Management in the State. A Report in this regard is submitted to the Government by the Director, APCA, wherein, several recommendations are proposed and the Government will implement these recommendations after looking into the feasibility aspect on ground reality.

6. Five Prisoners have been considered for release by the State Sentence Review Board after reviewing their sentence on completion of sentence of over 14 years u/s 433 and 433A of the Cr.PC.

New Initiatives taken to improve service delivery

1. The Government is in process of executing Water Harvesting Project in the Colvale Jail premises. Preliminary inspection of the Jail premises has been carried out by a team of Expertise and accordingly, a draft Report has been submitted which include diagrams, locations of the sites to construct essential features of the project such as recharge-trench/recharge-shafts/crescent-shaped-pond/shallow-pond etc. and the estimates of the project. Main aim of this Project is to gain self reliance, as presently, the Central Jail, Colvale is fully dependent on the PWD water supply to the extent of 60,000 ltrs. per day. No sooner the financial implications are met, this Project will be executed probably before the onset of coming monsoon.

2. The Government is in a process of setting up of small bio-gas plant in the open space, behind the kitchens at Central Jail as well as Sub Jail, Sada, Vasco. This bio-gas plant will solely work on the organic waste that is generated in the Jails. The bio-gas thus produced can be used for cooking purpose that will save huge expenditure incurred on gas-cylinders used for cooking purpose.

3. The Government is in process of harnessing Solar energy and wind energy by taking the assistance of the GEDA & preliminary work has commenced. Thus major ecological measures adopted will make the Jails self reliant for its water, power requirements.