Diet of Prisoners

(a) The prisoners are provided with good wholesome food, clothing & bedding. They are also entitled to avail of Canteen facilities at Central Jail Colvale and Sub Jail Sada, Vasco. Local and National Dailies in Konkani, Marathi & English alongwith some periodicals are also made available to them.
(b) The food supplied to the prisoners is as given below

1 (Asian Diet) Rice, Meat/fish, Vegetable For those whose staple food is rice
2 (Curry Diet) Chappatti, Dhall, Meat/Fish, Vegetables for Muslims/Hindus with curry-based staple food
3 (Western Diet) Potatoes, Bread, Meat/Fish, Vegetables for those whose staple food is potatoes and bread
4 (Vegetarian Diet) Rice,Beans, Eggs, Vegetables for vegetarians

Nutrient Requirement Sources
        1 Protein 1g. per kg. of body weight Pulses, rice, wheat, milk, fish, meat, eggs, etc.
        2 Fat 50 g. Oils, butter, ghee, milk, eggs, etc.
        3 Carbohydrate 300 g. Cereals, sugar, jaggery, milk, root vegetables suchas potato etc.
                   4 Minerals


b. Iron

0.65 g. for adult, 1 g. for child.

12.15 mg.
Milk, milk products, eggs, green vegetables, unhusked cereals and whole gram .

Vegetables, fruits, fish and meat
                5 Vitamins

a.Vitamin A

b.Vitamin C

c.Vitamin D

d. Vitamin Group
    i. Thiamin

    ii. Riboflavin

     iii. Nicotinic acid

3,000 to 4,000 I.U

50 mg.

400 I.U

1 to 2 mg

1.8 to 3.0 mg

10 to 15 mg
Leafy vegetables, milk, fish, liver oils, yellow vegetables, eggs, carrot and yellow sweet potato .

Tamarind, amla, guava, all citrus fruits, eggs, lime, orange etc., and sprouted pulses, leafy vegetables

Fish, liver oils, milk

Under-milled cereals and pulse, parboiled rice, whole wheat

Leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, milk and milk products

Under-milled cereals, pulses and paboiled rice